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A Better Version of You

A Better Version of You

A Better Version of YouA Better Version of You

My Story


Everyone deserves to wake up and feel happy in their skin. I’ve been the girl who barely ate, binged at weekends, criticized myself in the mirror because I was unhappy with how I looked or felt guilty for not having the perfect body. I’ve gone from an unhealthy mindset of eating close to nothing at all, to finding fitness and realising that I need to eat to become strong, mentally and physically. I have been in strict calorie deficits, working towards a body fat percentage fit for bikini competition that I didn’t actually ever intend on competing in, and then I learnt balance and how to live a happy, non restrictive life whist maintaining the physique and mindset that I am happy with. I’ve been pregnant, gained weight and lost it again, and have never felt more comfortable and proud in my own skin than I do now.

Professionalism and Experience

As a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and experienced coach, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.  


How will I lose weight if I am eating more food than usual?


Quite often people are under-eating or not eating the best foods to nourish their body. If your body is not getting the correct amount of calories from mostly whole nutrient dense food then it will think its being starved. This causes your body to hang on to excess fat and water and go into survival mode. When you start to eat more, your body will start to utilize the food as energy making you feel better and start to lose excess fat.

Do I need to stop eating carbs to lose weight?


No! Carbs are the carriers for protein in our body, without carbs we would struggle to function mentally and physically. There are slightly lower carb diets, but you should still be consuming enough carbohydrates from whole nutrient dense food (rather than refined sugars and processed foods), to be able to recover and maintain energy and strength.

Why such high fat and protein?


Fat is a great source of energy but is also a food many are scared to consume. When the goal is to lose body fat, a high protein and fat diet will prevent too much muscle breakdown and keep your energy levels up whilst consuming less food and potentially less carbs that you are used to.